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Tears of Hebe® 1-Step and NuAura® Magic Gel used together further enhances the benefits both products have to offer. NuAura® is an all-natural healing and firming gel enhanced with chlorophyll, butterfly pea flower tea and natural caffeine. This serum will help to reduce inflammation, puffiness, stimulate anti-aging enzymes, increase collagen & elasticity and help suppress breakouts. The butterfly pea flower tea contains anthocyanins that help to reduce MMP production which are enzymes that break down collagen and skin elasticity. The chlorophyll has the ability to absorb light, which in turn helps to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays thus greatly slowing down the aging process. Tears of Hebe® 1-Step is an alternative version of our popular Tears of Hebe®, 2-step, deep cleansing system. Enjoy the benefits of the original but with foaming action and a gentler exfoliating formula! Enhanced with vitamin E and chlorophyll, Tears of Hebe® 1-Step will deep clean and brighten your skin. It will assist with the elimination of acne, acne scars, discoloration, blemishes, and blackheads – leaving your skin clear, healthy and radiant. Just like the original, this version is also made with pure artesian mineral water gathered at the mouth of the water source. But, unlike the original, this version is fortified with vitamin E and chlorophyll. The vitamin E helps to heal scarring caused by acne while the chlorophyll helps to reverse acne breakouts as well as oxidation from sun damage which results in wrinkles.

“Gel-n-Foam” All-Natural Face Serum & Cleanser Set

庫存單位: 1000GF
  • 1.) Thoroughly wet face with warm water; squeeze nickel-sized amount in hand and gently apply to face. Allow soap to stay on face for 30-seconds before rinsing and pat-dry

    2.) Apply small amount to face and eye area after washing and before bed. If your skin is extra dry, allow serum to fully soak in and then apply another application.

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