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The NBS Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve had sensitive skin. The soaps I used to wash my face were strategically selected for fear of using the wrong product and ending up with an allergic reaction. If that wasn’t bad enough, I passed the “sensitive skin trait” to my daughters because they, too, have sensitive skin along with eczema problems.


In 2008 I decided to research and explore natural ways to alleviate our issues. On my quest to find a solution for my daughters I came across the perfect combination of natural ingredients which yielded excellent results. Not only did my products work, but the benefits were natural and lasting. No chemicals, no synthesized or modified agents – simply all natural ingredients measured, mixed and specially processed.

For years people were sincerely amazed by the condition of our skin and became interested in what we used. I felt as though I'd be doing a disservice by not sharing our personal remedies; so with that being said, in 2016 NūBorn Skin® was conceived. Although we are an operation consisting of a few people working in close proximity - the quality and magic in our products gives the impression of a big corporation. Needless to say, we're growing and continually making improvements in this new adventure. 

It is said that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication and resolution. In this case, natural ingredients foster the highest form of results. Whether it's the artesian mineral water that we personally retrieve from a local prehistoric spring located 2,000 feet underground that we use; or the specific black tea we seethe, we pride ourselves in taking the earths natural elements and blending them in such a way that allows us to unlock the secrets of natural healing with remarkable results. We welcome you to join us on our journey!

               Creator and CEO

               Cebrum George II


Silk Envy® of NUBorn Skin is an all-natural moisturizer that promotes advance skin restoration and conditioning.
Heat ReBörn® of NuBorn Skin is an all-natural, invigorating, thermo-activated sugar-cinnamon exfoliant & hemp-based moisturizer that produces a long-lasting and ULTRA-DEEP heat which offers pain relief and blissful comfort.
KokaMoka® of NuBorn Skin is an ALL-NATURAL, chocolate-coffee body frosting. Soft, moisturized skin has never felt so delicious! Treat your body's sweet tooth to a succulent experience of blissful proportions. Not only does it smell heavenly, but the caffeine content from the cocoa and coffee fosters blood circulation and anti-inflammatory agents which in turn help to keep skin healthy and youthful.
LavaLips® is a NuBorn Skin product that is 100% all-natural, wonderfully spicy cinnamon lip balm that contains NO petroleum and NO dehydrating chemicals. LavaLips® provides deep and long lasting moisturizing protection with a warm, sweet & spicy kick in addition to an SPF factor provided by the red raspberry seed oil. One application will last a long time which eliminates the need to constantly re-apply.
Nordic Silk® is a NuBork Skin product that is all-natural beard conditioner & moisturizer. A hemp-based balm with a soft vanilla-almond aura “touched with a hint of lime” scent that deeply conditions and promotes healthy, stellar growth for ALL beard types. While treating your beard, it simultaneously moisturizes your skin while greatly reducing itchiness without the oily residue. Nordic Silk is specifically designed to foster thick and lush growth with an accentuating godlike sheen. It can also be comfortably used in either dry, or African American/ethnic hair in addition to being used solely as a daily moisturizer.
Smooth-N-Dreamy® is a NuBorn Skin product that is pure coconut oil, raw shea butter and hemp oil have never been blended together in such a fantastic way! Take the time to wrap your skin in an ALL-NATURAL, dreamlike feeling of whipped vanilla and almond bliss with a pinch of cinnamon. The initial sensation of this “magic fluff” will no doubt bond with your skin leaving it reconditioned and smooth to the touch. If heaven could be contained and applied to your skin…it would be called Smooth-n-Dreamy®.
Nūborn Coffee Mint Scrub® is a NuBorn Skin product that is aall-natural moisturizing exfoliant that promotes advance skin restoration and conditioning by way of superior removal of dead skin cells. Nūborn CoffeeMint® fosters amazingly moisturized and softer skin, an even complexion and in many cases, noticeable reduction in the appearance of cellulite and increased energy. The high caffeine content enhances blood flow in the skin as well as antioxidants and inflammation reducing properties.
Tears of Hebe is NuBorn Skin's #1 selling product has officially been upgraded! Tears of Hebe® is now infused with CBD and Hemp Protein! TOH now has the enhanced effect of full spectrum CBD oil that works in tandem with the original, all-natural ingredients. The deep cleaning and super-crisp feeling fostered by the original TOH now has the added benefit of cannabidiol which greatly reduces inflammation and over-excessive oil and sebum production - the main catalyst that leads to clogged pores, which then leads to blackheads, acne and other skin detriments. Another upgrade is the inclusion of hemp protein. This addition fortifies the skin with Vitamin E as well as a high concentrations of essential fatty acids that hydrate and firm; thus creating younger looking, healthier, glowing skin.
KokaMint® is NuBorn Skin's product that is 100% all-natural and breathtaking chocolate-mint lip balm that contains NO petroleum and NO dehydrating chemicals. KokaMint® provides deep and long lasting moisturizing protection and promotes immediate healing. Contains real cocoa which provides antioxidants as well as an SPF factor promoted by the red raspberry seed oil. One application will last a long time which eliminates the need to constantly re-apply.
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